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Wholesale Magnetic Eyelashes


Wholesale Magnetic Lash Lashes can be purchased in bulk quantity at wholesale prices and re-sold to consumers. Wholesale Magnetic Lash Packaging consists of genuine, brand-name eyelash extensions that are available for wholesale purchase. These are one-of-a-kind beauty products manufactured to enhance the beauty of lashes and to increase the eyelash’s length. There are a number of advantages to purchasing Magnetic Lash Packaging.


Individual Selection: Individual choice is an important aspect of purchasing wholesale magnetic eyelashes. Each customer chooses the size, color, length and brand that fit their beauty needs. Many popular brands are available for purchase in single packages with genuine, quality eyelash extensions. There are also several different eye lashes lengths available in the single packaging offering a large selection of styles ranging from individual color, long, short and curled to glistening, full-length and half-length lashes.


Variety:wholesale magnetic eyelashes are available in a large assortment of colors, styles and lengths. An example of a beautiful style is the Individual 5 pairs Set Styles Magnets Eyelash Liner Set. This wholesale magnetic eyelash liner package contains five sets of individual, quality lashes. It also comes with an adjustable magnetic clasp so the lashes are secured and will not fall off. This is a fantastic way to give your eyes a fabulous look.


Affordable: The beauty of wholesale magnetic eyelashes is its affordable cost. You can get up to 50 lashes each in beautiful, individual colors and lengths. This allows you to match your lash lengths to your eye color and eye style. If you are looking for something special and different, you can even have your lashes trimmed with faux mink fur eyelashes. These natural, false eyelashes are available in many colors and shades. This will help to make your eyes sparkle with beauty.


Variety: Synthetic eyelashes wholesale come in a large variety of eye colors and shades. You can choose from several different colors for every day wear or an every day application. You can even purchase these eyelashes with glitter in any color that you want. A great feature about this product is that the 5 pairs set prices are very reasonable. This will allow you to purchase more than one mascara to match your eye color and style for a great price.


Quality: Buying wholesale magnetic eyelashes gives you the highest quality lashes available. The synthetic lashes are made with top quality eyelash materials that are durable and will last for many years. They come with an eyelash liner that will allow you to apply the lashes without having to do extra coats of eyelash glue. The synthetic lashes are available in different colors and styles. You will find that these eyelashes are not only affordable, but they also will give you the look and volume that you want. You can purchase synthetic lashes in a number of different lengths such as full, lengthen, kitten, and shorter styles.


Price: The price of synthetic eyelashes are very affordable. When you purchase wholesale magnetic eyelashes, you will notice that the price is much more affordable because you are purchasing an amount of lashes at one time. This helps you save money on the number of lashes you need to buy. You will be able to purchase the same amount of eyelashes you would normally buy but will save money because the synthetic lashes are manufactured on a larger scale than most brands.


Quality: Synthetic wholesale lashes come in a variety of different quality levels. You will be able to choose the brand, length, color, and quality that you want. You will be able to purchase wholesale magnetic eyelashes that are FDA approved and are made with high quality ingredients. You will be able to purchase these wholesale lashes in sizes ranging from one eyelash to two eyelashes in length.

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