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PS Foam Sheet Extrusion Line for Sale


PS foam sheet extrusion line uses a tandem screw technology to produce fine-blocked cell-structured extruded Polystyrene foam sheet with higher power along with a pearly as well as area, inside a constant move, from Polystyrene injecting a good eco-friendly blowing gas and additives. It’s the user-friendly operating system along with Inverter managed generating, Electronic Heat control and Hydraulic display changer.


A. The Features Of Product


• Glossy Surface

• Superb Cushioning And Insulating Impact

• Moisture-Proof

• Anti-Corrosion By Chemicals substances

• Printable, collapsible, embossable, dampness as well as and water resistant, low stream and atmosphere permeability.

• Tasteless, Odorless As well as Non-Toxic


B. Applications Of Product


• External packing material for meals, fresh fruit, cosmetics as well as internal padding.

• Product packaging with regard to high-grade products, industrial machinery components.

• Container for pharmaceutical & healthcare items.

• Various kinds lunch boxes, , trays as well as storage containers

• Toy and academic supplies because of easy-fabrication

• Marketing and stationary board and so on.

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