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Revitalize Pain & Stress Relief Centre


Revitalize Pain & Stress Relief Centre features Himalayan Salt Therapy (Halotherapy), Flotation Therapy (Sensory Deprivation Tank), and Infrared (red light) Stimulation Therapy. We offer a physical and mental approach to wellness … what we like to call our MINDANDBODY approach to Wellness. We are the only location in Pittsburgh (and in the greater Pittsburgh region) offering these three unique services. We are also pleased to announce our addition of the Revitalize Meditation Centre which offers Individual/Group Meditation Instructional Classes (learn to meditate) as well as Chakra Healing Meditation and our partnership with The Functional Medicine Centre for Wellness, Sewickley’s only Functional Medicine provider.


Himalayan Salt Therapy Room

Dry Salt Therapy (Halotherapy) is known to temporarily relieve respiratory symptoms associated with Asthma, COPD, sinus problems, allergies, coughs and cold as well as helping with recovery from bronchitis and pneumonia. It’s also been shown to help dermatological conditions such as acne, eczema, seborrhea and psoriasis. The Himalayan Salt Room at Revitalize is a quiet, restful environment so that you may enjoy a stress-free, meditative approach to wellness.


Flotation Therapy Suite

Flotation Therapy in our deluxe (6 ‘ x 7 ‘ x 7′) Float Suite (not your average float pod) calms your overly-stimulated system and restores the body’s chemical and metabolic balance. Floating in a soothing solution of warm water and Epsom salts, you will achieve deep relaxation, soothe sore muscles, increase circulation, reduce headaches, and promote restful sleep. A rare opportunity to find peace and stillness … a GLORIOUS meditation


Infrared (red light) Light Stimulation Therapy Bed

LED Infrared (red light) Light Stimulation (LightStim:tm:) therapy was the first FDA-cleared, OTC natural treatment for temporary relief of muscle, joint, and chronic pain. The soothing, non-invasive treatment reduces inflammation and improves circulation, helping to temporarily relieve pain, speed up healing, and restore vitality. Studies show that this therapy naturally stimulates the mitochondrial cells to produce ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) and Nitric Oxide, improving energy and stamina.

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