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Acting Classes Can Help Create Well Rounded Kids


Acting classes los angeles- Parents may have the wrong idea about acting classes for kids. Then assumption is often made that they are only for kids that are trying to make it big in TV, get onto Broadway or score big in Hollywood. Acting classes do teach kids how to be a good actor and the fundamentals of acting, but that is not the only thing kids learn in these classes. Classes can actually teach kids a lot of great skills and help them grow into a well-rounded individual.


A good acting class will teach kids about proper speaking skills. Proper pronunciation, volume and elocution are all covered. Students also build their reading skills. Speech problems are often worked through and kids who have any type of speech problem should be able to learn how to be confident in their abilities to speak clearly and be understood. Kids also learn how to speak in front of others and get over fears of talking in front of a crowd.


Acting classes also allow children to work on memory skills. Memorization is a large part of a job as an actor, so in class students learn to memorize scripts and pieces. They are taught various tricks and learn tips on how to memorize quickly and easily. Children learn to make memorization something they do without even thinking about. This skill can come in very handy throughout their life.


Creativity is always a part of any acting class. Students are encouraged to let their minds go and to play interesting parts, pretend and improvise. Children quickly learn that in acting class anything goes. They can be as silly or as serious as they want. Nothing is considered too creative in this class, which allows children to really exercise their imaginations and actually encourages children to be more creative.


A major thing kids learn in acting classes is confidence. Encouragement is a large part of this type of class. Students are encouraged to be themselves and to what they feel like. Anything goes in acting, so kids are taught that they can be themselves and be confident about that. Students learn how to get over shyness and be proud of who they are.


Kids also learn hard lessons about failure. If they are trying out for parts or trying to land a gig, chances are that they will not get it every time. Kids learn that they don’t always have to win. They learn that not getting a part does not mean there is something wrong with them, but that it is just how it goes. They learn to get over disappointments and not let it get them down.


Acting classes teach kids all the techniques and different skills needed to become an actor. Along the way the classes also teach kids some valuable skills that they will use the rest of their life. Just like sports activities or any other extracurricular activity, acting classes help build character and teach children things that they will use over and over as they grow up.


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