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Getting Backlinks – How to Get High Authority Backlinks


We all know that having authority backlinks to a page boosts the search engine rankings. Below is a method that explains how to get high authority backlinks.


1. Firstly, find out the backlinks of your competitor’s site by using a tool called « Yahoo site explorer ». This tool lets you see who is linking to your competitor’s page.


2. Separate the authority links or high PR links from low PR links. Now let us analyze « why » these authority sites are linking to your competitors.


High PR links could be from


a. A press release site with high PR.

b. An online news website.

c. Joint venture site of your competitor.




If the link is from a press release site, find out


a. What did the competitor do to produce the release?

b. Can you develop a similar event and issue through the same channels?

c. Take a snippet from the opening paragraph of your competitor’s press release and look for other sites hosting this content. Contact those sites and offer an exclusive before you post through media services like PRWeb. Bloggers and media outlets like having information before it is made public.


If your competitor links are pointing to a piece of content with the WOW factor? If so,


a. What is the piece of content about?

b. How did they launch it, via press release or through a blog?

c. Was the content promoted on Digg, Twitter Facebook etc?


This way, try to find out the « Why » factor behind the backlinks of your competitor rather than the « How » factor. after analyzing why your competitors have authority backlinks, try to get the links following the same approach. Always try to write great content to get backlinks.


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