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Search Engine Optimization Pittsburgh – Why You Need It


Search Engine Optimization Pittsburgh - why you need it. Over the past few years, The Internet has grown from a small industry to a giant. Most of the growth was in terms of new websites and more users on the web. Now with such a large percentage of people using the Internet across the U.S. and globe, it’s become a great market place for advertising and giving out information on your products and services.


In fact, the Internet has becomes so popular and widely used that search engines like Google and Yahoo have now become household names. As well specifically in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas The Internet has become increasingly used. Actually, it’s even been reported that Pittsburgh tops the Nation in Internet usage growth. Don’t you think it’s about time you invest in the future of your business by doing marketing online? Think about the return on marketing in such an environment that is used so widely.


The demographics of the Pittsburgh area usually include a large percentage of middle-aged and older people. This actually is a plus when you compare that to the fact that Internet usage in the areas is growing so much. This means that the larger percent of Internet users would be adults and for most businesses, your target public is just that. Therefore the marketing your site online is going to reach a much better audience than if you where in another location in the world.


This makes marketing online that much more needed for just about any business whether you have a storefront or not. So now let’s talk a little about what people search for online and how that relates to this.


Even though there are a large number of users online we both know that numbers of random people looking or reading about your products or services are not as good as targeted numbers of people looking/reading. The great thing about search engines is that targeted marketing audiences are one of its specialties. With search engines, you can target audiences because of how search engines are used. So it’s easy to target people in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.


If someone is searching for something on a search engine they’re typing in a search for a product or service which already targets and pre-qualifies an audience for you. Let say they search for dentists in Pittsburgh and you’re a dentist in Pittsburgh. Then if you can get your website to show up for that keyword/phrase « dentists in Pittsburgh » then you’ve targeted out people actively looking for what you provide in your area.


The process of making a site rank higher in the search engines is called search engine optimization. Raising a website’s position in search engine listings is done by analyzing and changes specific factors on and off the website which search engines look at when calculating the posting of websites for keywords/phrases. Marketing your website over this way can send you a good steady stream of leads and customers.


If you would like more information about what search engine optimization can do for you and your company please contact us and us would be glad to help - search engine optimization pittsburgh


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