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Best Romance Animes Around


When we talk about anime, different people like different kinds of genres. Which is why animes have different genres available around. However, on this very article, we’ll look into some of the few best animes capped under the « Romance » genre. Please take note that of these recommended titles, not all of them will suit everyone as different people will have different tastes of animes even in the same genre.


In the romance animes category, people often look deep into the storyline. A good storyline will touch the audience heart and some even make those passionate ones cried. In this case, artwork plays an important part. It has to look really nice to give an impression that it has a nice deep storyline, although that might not always be the case. Now let’s look at some popular titles till date.


Tokyo Mew Mew

Your average twelve-year-old girl Momomia Ichigo was asked by her crush to attend an endangered species exhibit. After a few series of events, she got turned into a cat but a ray. She will need to join forces with four of other girls to battle the chimera and the aliens who are invading the planet.


Sekirei – Pure Engagement


Coming up for the second recommendation on romance animes. The battle of the Sekirei continues… As losing the battle means losing their Sekirei forever, some of the fighters and their Ashkenazi are still refusing to take part in the battle. As a bigger threat approaches the city, more pain and suffering will fail on those who love and care for Sekireis.




After being a vampire, Koyomi Araragi is now almost finishing becoming a human. One day, Koyomi caught a girl named Hitagi who falls down the stairs. To her surprise, Hitagi weights almost nothing. After that, Koyomi further discovers some other girls that are also affected but these weird effects and tries to help them.


Well, these are just some popular romance animes you can look upon for romance anime. Of course, there are so much more available out there for you to explore! There is always something out there for you.


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